The A-Z of North Devon Beaches

North Devon beaches

Do you remember that A to Z of North Devon blog we did earlier this summer?

Since then we’ve realised that one trip through the alphabet is just not enough to completely sum up North Devon – so we’ve gone through it again, this time with beaches in mind. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly introduce you to the A – Z of North Devon beaches….

LND A-Z of Beaches A

A – Accommodation

Because you need accommodation between visits to the beach.

 A-Z of Beaches B

B – Barricane Beach

Delicious Sri Lankan curries await at Barricane Beach.

A-Z of Beaches C

C – Croyde, Combe Martin and Combesgate

We couldn’t pick between Croyde, Combe Martin or Combesgate, so we recommend you spend a day at each as soon as you can.

A-Z of Beaches D

D – Dog-friendly

Because dogs deserve time on the beach too. See where and when they can visit here.

A-Z of Beaches E

E – Estuaries

There wouldn’t be the stunning North Devon coastline without the estuaries and natural harbours. Like Watermouth Bay for instance.

A-Z of Beaches F

F – Family Fun

Family time is the best time, and what else is better than spending time with family on a beach?

 A-Z of Beaches G

G – Golden Sands

Golden Sands and clear waters stretching for as far as the eye can see – our idea of heaven!

A-Z of Beaches H

H – Hele

A hidden gem of Ilfracombe, the locals love this beach and it’s great for rockpooling too!

 A-Z of Beaches I

I – Instow

While Instow is popular with dog walkers, it’s also a great place to bring a picnic and forget the world.

A-Z of Beaches J

J – Jellyfish

To highlight how full of life North Devon is, jellyfish, seals, puffins and dolphins are all local to Lundy Island or its waters.

A-Z of Beaches K

K – Kayaking

Maybe you’ll find all the animals mentioned above if you head out on a kayak?

A-Z of Beaches L

L – Lee Bay and Lynmouth

They’re two totally different beaches, but Lee Bay and Lynmouth are worth experiencing for two totally different reasons.

A-Z of Beaches M

M – Memories and Magical sunsets

It sounds like a Disney film, but for creating memories and capturing magical sunsets on camera, it’s got to be from a North Devon beach.

A-Z of Beaches N

N – Northam

Dunes, sand, sea, wildlife, views, natural beauty, what’s not to love?!

A-Z of Beaches O

O – Outdoor Adventure

We mentioned kayaking but of course you can surf, paddleboard, dive, and swim in the sea – alongside horse riding and flying kites on the sand.

 A-Z of Beaches P

P – Putsborough Sands

If you haven’t heard of Putsborough by now, where have you been?

A-Z of Beaches Q

Q – Quiet time

Because we all need time to unwind, especially on holiday.

A-Z of Beaches R

R – Rockham (Mortehoe)

A hidden treasure near the village of Mortehoe. You’ll have to find this one, but it’s worth it.

A-Z of Beaches S

S – Saunton Sands

The classic beach – we all know about Saunton, right?

A-Z of Beaches T

T – Tunnels

With a natural pool, generations of families have enjoyed visiting the Tunnels in Ilfracombe.

A-Z of Beaches U

U – Unbelievable views

We can’t describe them, they need to be seen to be believed.

A-Z of Beaches V

V – Villages

Woolacombe, Lee, Combe Martin, Mortehoe, Croyde; they’re all villages, and they’re all based around North Devon beaches.

A-Z of Beaches W

W – Woolacombe and Westward Ho!

We couldn’t just put one for W, so both Woolacombe and Westward Ho! take the spot.

A-Z of Beaches X

X – eXcellent surf

Yes, we cheated a little – but have you experienced the North Devon waves. We are world famous for surfing after all.

A-Z of Beaches Y

Y – Yachts

If you have a yacht or a boat then you’ll want to sail over to North Devon, we have plenty of beaches and harbours to come ashore.

A-Z of Beaches Z

Z – “Zzzzzz” in the sun

Don’t forget to turn every 30 minutes and use plenty of sun cream as you snooze on a North Devon beach.

North Devon Beaches

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