The best places to see the autumn leaves in North Devon

Autumn Leaves North Devon

We love autumn in North Devon. The region still gets enough sunshine and heat to make it a pleasure to enjoy the area. Plus, North Devon is a nature and wildlife paradise with Exmoor, beaches, lots of fields, and areas of outstanding natural beauty that only become more enchanting in autumn. During September, October and November the area comes alive with reds and browns mixed in with the summer greens, the ideal time to get the camera out. Discover the best places to see autumn leaves in North Devon, as we highlight some of the areas we should all be enjoying.

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North Devon Accommodation this winter

Longlands North Devon

Winter is a brilliant time to visit North Devon – with Christmas fairs and magical lighting displays shining out around the area alongside family-friendly attractions hosting events that will fill you with joy. Locals and visitors alike will always admit that North Devon always feels special over winter. Especially if there’s snow!

As we move through autumn and into winter we’ll keep you up to date on what’s going on in the region through blogs and on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. But before actually having a holiday, we need to make sure your accommodation is just as special for a winter break.

So for now, check out this selection of North Devon accommodation…

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15 of the best Instagram pictures taken in September

Exmoor National Park by _fjarnot

Every day we see some amazing images of North Devon from locals and fans of the area, showing off the fantastic sunsets, awesome views, family attractions and glorious beaches. The views are always picture worthy, and the people included look like they’re having a blast!

Here we present our favourite North Devon Instagram pictures that were taken in September, for a list that reminds us why we are all head over heels in love with the area…

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6 of the best North Devon country walks

Dunkery Beacon North Devon

Those who know North Devon will have their favourite walking routes, but we’ve pulled together a few of our top picks – alongside some routes you may never have heard of, so have a read of this North Devon country walks guide.

One of the reasons North Devon is adored by so many people is the amount of walking and hiking routes there are. Plus, when you include Exmoor, the rambling options are almost endless. Let us know if we missed another beauty via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages…

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The A-Z of North Devon Beaches

North Devon beaches

Do you remember that A to Z of North Devon blog we did earlier this summer?

Since then we’ve realised that one trip through the alphabet is just not enough to completely sum up North Devon – so we’ve gone through it again, this time with beaches in mind. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly introduce you to the A – Z of North Devon beaches….

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A celebration of art across North Devon

Art Trek North Devon 2017

This year’s Art Trek will see artists throwing open their doors in a celebration of the visual arts across North Devon. The long-established and eagerly anticipated event runs from 15th September to 1st October.

There are participants taking part in villages and towns across North Devon, and the venues range from professional galleries to homes and artists’ studios. Visitors can find all the information they need in the Art Trek brochure which is out now or by visiting the Art Trek website at

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Five hidden gems you need to know about in North Devon

Watermouth Cove

We all know what North Devon has to offer, and we all know the main beaches and attractions – but what about the places and businesses that are out the way and not so well known?

At the risk of being told off by locals for giving tourists our secrets, here are our top five favourite hidden gems in North Devon that you must check out if you can…

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9 of the best North Devon coastal walks

NDMB – CREATE YOUR OWN PATH (30) from Panoptic Motion on Vimeo.

Put simply, North Devon is a walking paradise, with so many areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Whilst there are many opportunities to get off the beaten track and explore new grounds, there’s also plenty of well known and well loved routes that are perfect to walk, hike, stretch your legs, wander in a daydream, explore, sightsee and discover in North Devon! Many routes are also dog friendly and are perfect for families too.

Plus, due to our position on the coast, the gems of North Devon are right by the sea. So here’s our guide to 9 of the best North Devon coastal walks – how many of these amazing routes and photo-worthy views have you enjoyed?  

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Free things for kids to do this summer in North Devon

Family Building Sandcastles On Beach Together

We understand the struggle – you’re on a family holiday and the kids are “bored” or what they really want to do will somehow involve things like a helicopter, pirates, a pony, electronic games, a TV, mobile phones, unrealistic dreams, and more money than they can comprehend.

But don’t be disheartened! One of the main reasons North Devon is a fantastic place to visit as a family with children of all ages is the fact there’s so many ways to spend the day for free, or using minimal pennies at least – to avoid those “I’m bored” moments whilst saving money but still having lots of fun!

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