The Best Places By The Sea In North Devon

Best Places By The Sea North Devon

© Richard Lewis

If there’s one thing that North Devon’s famous for it has got to be its beaches and coastline. To help you make most of these beautiful sights, we thought we’d outline the best places by the sea in North Devon. From the best places to eat, to the best places for dogs – keep reading to discover our top picks!

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The Best Photos Of 2018 So Far: North Devon Captured

North Devon Photos Captured 2018

© Callum Mullen

We’ve launched an exciting Facebook Group this month: North Devon Captured. It’s the new place to share all of your best photos of North Devon.

Since we’re almost halfway through 2018, we thought we’d round up the best pictures we’ve seen in the group so far. There are some snow pictures, summer-like scenes plus some stunning sunsets! Take a look at the pictures we’ve selected and be sure to tell us your favourites over on our social media channels.

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North Devon’s Unspoilt Locations

We’re lucky enough here in North Devon to have so many unspoilt locations. From our very own UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to the timeless village of Clovelly, there is a huge variety to explore. But which should be on your ‘Things to do in North Devon List’? Read our suggestions below.

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