Five hidden gems you need to know about in North Devon

Watermouth Cove

We all know what North Devon has to offer, and we all know the main beaches and attractions – but what about the places and businesses that are out the way and not so well known?

At the risk of being told off by locals for giving tourists our secrets, here are our top five favourite hidden gems in North Devon that you must check out if you can…

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9 of the best North Devon coastal walks

NDMB – CREATE YOUR OWN PATH (30) from Panoptic Motion on Vimeo.

Put simply, North Devon is a walking paradise, with so many areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Whilst there are many opportunities to get off the beaten track and explore new grounds, there’s also plenty of well known and well loved routes that are perfect to walk, hike, stretch your legs, wander in a daydream, explore, sightsee and discover in North Devon! Many routes are also dog friendly and are perfect for families too.

Plus, due to our position on the coast, the gems of North Devon are right by the sea. So here’s our guide to 9 of the best North Devon coastal walks – how many of these amazing routes and photo-worthy views have you enjoyed?  

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Free things for kids to do this summer in North Devon

Family Building Sandcastles On Beach Together

We understand the struggle – you’re on a family holiday and the kids are “bored” or what they really want to do will somehow involve things like a helicopter, pirates, a pony, electronic games, a TV, mobile phones, unrealistic dreams, and more money than they can comprehend.

But don’t be disheartened! One of the main reasons North Devon is a fantastic place to visit as a family with children of all ages is the fact there’s so many ways to spend the day for free, or using minimal pennies at least – to avoid those “I’m bored” moments whilst saving money but still having lots of fun!

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11 things you probably don’t know about North Devon


When you think about, North Devon is actually a HUGE place – from the hills of Exmoor, out to Torrington and Holsworthy inland, and then back to the coast at Hartland towards the Cornish border. That’s a lot of places, locations, countryside and history to cover under the name “North Devon”! Whether you live here, have only seen a small part of the area, or visit different places regularly, you’re bound to know that around every corner is a new thing to see and new knowledge to gather.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things you probably didn’t know about North Devon…

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